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Biotrue ONEday For Presbyopia 90 Pack

Biotrue ONEday For Presbyopia 90 Pack
Product Code: BL023
by Bausch & Lomb

  • Lenses Per Box: 90
  • Replacement: A Fresh Lens Everyday
  • Base Curve(s): 8.6
  • Diameter: 14.2
  • Health Fund Code: 863
Wearability: A Fresh Lens Everyday

Product Description

BioTrue For Presbyopia is a multifocal design lens by Bausch & Lomb which provides clear, crisp and stable vision for those who are presbyopic and therefore need a prescriptive lens for a combination of distance, intermediate and near.

Biotrue for Presbyopia feature an innovative material call Hypergel. This material carries the same water content as the cornea and is surrounded by a dehydration resistant barrier that ensures the moisture stays locked into the lens material providing relief to eyes that normally become dry during contact lens wear as the day moves on. Hypergel delivers moisture for up to a 16 hour long day.

Please note that the addition powers of
+0.75 - +1.50 are depicted on the box as a LOW ADD
+1.75 TO +2.25 are depicted on the box as a HIGH ADD

Our Price: $84.00
  • Base Curve(BC)
  • Diameter (DIA)
  • Power (Sph)
  • Additional Power
  • Quantity

Your current contact lens prescription should be no older than 24 months.

Sub Total: $0.00

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