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Crazy Daily Contact Lenses


Colourvue Crazy Contact lenses provide the ultimate in conveniance and comfort for those who just want to have fun at a special event. They are designed to be worn for 1 day only, and then thrown away, they are the safest lens of choice for occassional use as they eliminate bacteria build up risks that can cause eye infections. Crazy contact lenses should never be slept in as this may dangerously reduced the levels of oxygen to the cornea which can adversely affect the health of the eyes.


These Colourvue one day lenses feature a high water content providing comfort during wear which is important given that many party environments are smoky and air conditioned. The design of the actual lens features a "Smart Edge" , another important feature for the occassional wearer, as this reduces the feeling that you have a foreign body in your eye.  These two componets ensure that you are comfortable when wearing Crazy one day lenses so you can enjoy your event.


The weird and wonderful designs of these crazy lenses only covers the coloured part of your eye - the iris and each lens has a black hole in the middle for the pupil so you can see while wearing them, but some of the patterns can limit your vision so it's best not to drive with them in.







Wild Eyes - One Day Crazy Lenses

Wild Eyes - One Day Crazy Lenses



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