Colourvue TruBlends Colour Contact lenses

Colourvue Trublends For A Natural Eye Colour Change with Gold Flecks

TruBlends One Day colour contact lenses are available with prescription powers or without if you would simply like to wear them for their cosmetic effect. Non Prescription lenses attract GST, hence the price difference. There are 6 pretty colours to choose from in the cosmetic range and 5 colours in the prescription range, the Aqua colour is not available in prescription. Each feature golden flecks in the colour pattern making your eyes looked refreshed and sparkling. The TruBlend One Day colours will create an natrual looking eye colour change with blended tones.


In the product pages below you will find a link that takes you to a website page where you can select which colour best describes your own eye colour - light, medium or dark.  Browns and greens are normally considered dark eyes, blues, light green and light brown considered medium and light eyes are light blues and greys. This guide will show you what each of the six Trublend One Day colours will look like on your eyes.


TruBlends One Day colour lenses come in a box of 10 lenses, and are designed to be worn for the day and then disgarded.  

Colourvue Trublends One Day - Prescription

Colourvue Trublends One Day - Prescription



Product Code: VUE21

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