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Soflens Daily

Bausch & Lomb

Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses are available in a spherical design which can be purchased in a 30 or 90 lenses whereas the Soflens Daily toric lenses for astigmatism are only available in a box of 30.

Soflens Daily lenses offer the wear a high level of comfort due to Bausch and Lomb’s Comfort Moist Technology which cushions the lens in moisture that is slowly released throughout the day of wear.

The design of the  Soflens Daily Disposable lenses incorporates high definition optics, this acts to reduce spherical aberration by focusing the light rays that enter the lens into one single point creating a crisp image on the retina.  The high definition optics not only provide clear crisp vision through the day in normal light situations but this feature is very effective in low light conditions when many contact lens wearers experience the halo effect creating a blurry image.  This makes Soflens Daily lenses, a lens of choice if driving in the evening.

Soflens Daily Disposables for Astigmatism not only incorporates the high definition optics but has a Lo Torque design which helps keep the lens stable, an important feature for a toric lens that ensures that the wearer experiences crisp vision.

Bausch and Lomb have packaged this daily lens in an easy to use blister pack with a tear tab and a vial shape that allows the lens to easily slip out without tearing.

Soflens daily disposables are priced economically, and wearers enjoy the benefits associated with a daily lens ; no deposit build up, no cleaning, no storing, no solutions to purchase and a a fresh lens each time.

Soflens Daily Disposable 30 Pack

Soflens Daily Disposable 30 Pack


Bausch & Lomb

Product Code: BL003

Soflens Daily Disposable 90 Pack

Soflens Daily Disposable 90 Pack


Bausch & Lomb

Product Code: BL012

SofLens Daily Disposables For Astigmatism

SofLens Daily Disposables For Astigmatism


Bausch & Lomb

Product Code: BL015


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