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Ultra For Presbyopia

Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb's Ultra For Presbyopia contact lenses are a multifocal lens design providing clear stable vision for near, intermediate and far distances.  Presbyopia is a term that refers to the natural lens in the eye becoming less flexible and therefore unable to bend sufficiently to focus light rays on the retina providing clear vision. Presbyopia is usually experienced around the age of 40 when blurred near vision is experienced when reading, doing handicrafts or using digital devices.


There are many mutifocal lenses on the market today however the difference with Bausch & Lomb's Ultra For Presbyopia lenses is they have been designed with todays lifestyle in mind which for many of us includes huge amounts of time looking at digital devices.  Contact lenses need to remain moist throughout the day if they are to feel comfortable to the wearer.  When we use a computer our blink rate reduces substantially, this causes eye dryness as the moisture in our eyes evaporates, this in turn causes contact lenses to become dry and uncomfortable, often rewetting drops are needed to re-moisten the eyes and the lens in order to get a full days comfortable wear.


Bausch & Lomb's Ultra For Presbyopia contact lenses feature a water loving polymer that is weaved into the material of the lens making it extremely wettable and less prone to evaporation.  These lenses start at the beginning of the day with 46% moisture content and at days end, which can be up to 16 hours later, have maintained 95% of this moisture.  This is good news for those working in air conditioned offices, working infront of computer screens all day as eye comfort can be enjoyed all day long.






Ultra For Presbyopia Contact Lenses

Ultra For Presbyopia Contact Lenses


Bausch & Lomb

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