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Biofinity Toric

Cooper Vision

Biofinity monthly contact lenses are a popular choice with optometrists for patients who suffer from age related eye dryness. The silicone hydrogel material has been intergrated with Coopervisions Aquaform Comfort Science that maintains a high water content during wear, negating the need for moisturising drops and providing a comfortable wearing experience for those who suffer from eye dryness.


Toric lenses are designed to correct astigmatism, the fitting of this type of lens by your eye care professional is very important as the cylinder and axis part of your prescription need to stay in the correct position during wear or blurry vision will be experienced.  Biofinity Toric contact lenses use the Accelerated Stabilisation Design to keep this  toric lens in place.  The Biofinity Toric ASD design features four stability areas and uses the interaction of the upper and lower eye lids to keep the lens in place providing stable consistant vision.


Biofinity XR Toric  Box of 6 Contact Lenses

Biofinity XR Toric Box of 6 Contact Lenses


Cooper Vision

Product Code: CP047

Biofinity Toric Contact Lenses

Biofinity Toric Contact Lenses


Cooper Vision

Product Code: CP034

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