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Purevision 2 for Presbyopia

Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb Purevision2 for Presbyopia is a multifocal lens that features a 3 zone progressive design that provides great near, intermediate and distance vision.  Around the age of 40 + we start to notice that our vision becomes blurry when trying to focus on objects in our near and intermediate vision range – this includes reading, computer and desk work,  car speedometer, smart phones and digital tablets.  This blurriness is called Presbyopia, it’s when the natural lens in your eye becomes less able to focus on objects up close, it’s an age related condition and happens to us all.


Purevision2 for Presbyopia contact lenses are a great alternative to multifocal or reading spectacles as they provide clear crisp vision at all distances and this vision is frameless !   Purevision2 lenses feature High Definition Optics which reduces blurry vision, halos and glare in low light conditions. 


Purevision 2 For Presbyopia are one of the most breathable lenses on the market which means that they allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea at a natural level.  This aspect of Purevision2 contact lenses is very important as the cornea relies on oxygen from the air to remain healthy as it contains no blood vessels.  When the oxygen flow is reduced this can lead to the cornea becoming inflamed and a risk of infections.


Purevision2 contact lenses are probably one of the thinnest lenses around and with their rounded edges you hardly feel them on the eye as the lid interaction is greatly reduced.  Thin lenses are often tricky to handle, when inserting and removing but Bausch & Lomb have ensured that this is not the case with their Purevision2 contact lenses.  

Purevision 2 For Presbyopia

Purevision 2 For Presbyopia


Bausch & Lomb

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