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In July 2014 Alcon launched it's much awaited Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Multifocal contact lenses.  The popular Dailies Aquacomfort Plus family had included the standard spherical contact lenses as well as daily toric contact lenses which had been all very well until the devoted wearers hit 40 something and became presbyopic.  At this stage customers had to consider moving to another lens type to address their new visual needs.  Alcon's introduction of multifocal contact lenses into the Dailies Aquacomfort Plus family mean't  that this range of daily contact lenses could serve the devoted wearers of Dailies Aquacomfort Plus from an early age right thru until later in life.


Being presbyopic is nothing to be worried about, it is just part of the normal aging process. As we age our natural lens in the eye becomes less flexible and this inflexibility prevents us from seeing things up close.  Most of us notice the first signs in our early 40's with our phones and devices - not being able to see the text message or read the article on the Ipad.  This can be fixed, we just need an optical power correction for close activities which can come in the shape of a pair of multifocal contact lenses or spectacles.


Multifocal contact lenses do offer a great option and a frameless one at that, however they can take a little while to get used and you have to wear them to allow your head to get itself aligned with the new challange, so preserverance is the key but the benefits are many.  Our lifestyles today demand that we are able to see at all distances all the time not only at work but at play too, getting older these days certainly doesn't mean we're not leading active lives and so daily multifocal contact lenses provide a solution when wearing spectacles is limited.  In saying that you should always have a pair of spectacles with a multifocal lens as a back up plus you'll also find some tasks are clearer with multifocal lenses in your spectacles.


The beauty of daily multifocal lenses is they are designed to be worn for 1 day and then disposed of, this gives you the option of being able to choose what eyewear you want to wear for the days activities, for instance you might only wear your multifocal contact lenses for sports or social events and so 30 pairs might last you 3 months.


However if you are wanting to wear your multifocal contact lenses everyday you might like to consider Alcon's Air Optix Multifocal contact lenses, these are a monthly lens and therefore more cost effective, they are the same design as the Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Multifocals.  Always check this with your optometrist prior to changing the contact lenses that have been prescribed for you.









Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocals 90 Pack

Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocals 90 Pack



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