cAir Toric

cAir Toric By CooperVision, replacements to Avaira Toric

cAir Toric contact lenses have a two weekly wearing schedule, worn on a daily basis and removed at night. Recommended as the replacment lenses for CooperVisions popular Avaira Toric lenses, also known as Avaira Vitality Toric.  With a seamless transition, from Avaira Toric to cAir Toric lenses,15 to 1 patients reported that they enjoyed the improvements that cAir Toric contact lenses offered with higher water content and greater UV protection, many reporting that they wore them comfortably over a 14 hour day. 



cAir Toric Contact Lenses

cAir Toric Contact Lenses


Cooper Vision

Product Code: CP052

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