Glow UV Contact Lenses

Non Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Glow contact lenses are the perfect costume party fashion accessory that creates a dramatic, spine chilling special effect, with six glow colours to choose they be one that matches your outfit.  Glow contact lenses can be seen outdoors in the sun but they are best at night where UV, neon or laser lighting is being used.

These costume contact lenses are comfortable and safe to use, the glow colour is safely sandwiched between the hydrogel lens material. These colour lenses can be worn multiple times over a 3 month period, stored correctly in contact lens solution.  There is an option to purchase the recommended contact lens solution at the checkout. 

Colourvue Glow UV Lenses

Colourvue Glow UV Lenses



Product Code: VUE38

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