Colourvue Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact lenses Australia

The Colourvue brand are known for their huge range of coloured contact lens designs in both prescription powers or as cosmetic lenses, without prescription.

Colourvue also feature the Blusafe lenses that do not add any colour but help to reduce the levels of blue light that the eyes are exposed to from electronic screens.

Most of Colourvue’s prescription lenses are custom made and take approximately 4 weeks to manufacture, this detail is included in the lens description and also there is a pop up on the checkout page to remind customers of this time frame.

The only prescription colour lenses from Colourvue that are available immediately are the Trublends One Day Lenses.

Colourvue’s cosmetic colour lenses, without prescription powers are usually available for immediate dispatch. This warehouse is in Perth so unlike our other lens brands where the warehouses are on the Eastern side of Australia, Colouruvue lenses are known to take longer than the 2 – 3 day delivery time frame due to their dispatch location, even though they are dispatched via an Express courier service.

Coloured contact lenses with prescription can be claimed if you have Optical Cover as part of your Australian Health Fund membership. We provide all customers with a receipt of purchase and this can be used to submit to a health fund to claim your purchase rebate.

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