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When you buy your contact lenses online from contactlens.com.au it is necessary that you hold a current contact lens prescription that is not older than two years.  Contactlens.com.au does not require a copy of your prescription, we simply ask that you supply the name of your Eyecare Practitioner and the date of your prescription, we do not use this information to contact your Eyecare Practitioner.


Please note that contact lens prescriptions are often different from spectacle prescriptions, for example the prescriptive power that your wear in your spectacles maybe a different power in your contact lenses. Also a contact lens prescription details the type of contact lenses that your Eyecare Practitioner has fitted you for, these contact lenses will provide you the best fit, best vision and comfort.  


If you would like to change the brand or type of contact lenses that you are currently wearing we recommend that you talk to your Eyecare Professional.   Deviating from your Eyecare Practitioners recommendations is not advisable when buying your contact lenses online as you risk your comfort, eye health and vision. Contactlens.com.au does not take any responsibility for contact lenses that you decide to buy online without your Eyecare Professional recommendation.


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