Colourvue Lumina

Non Prescription Colour Contact Lenses

Colourvue Lumina lenses are designed for those that want to stand out in a crowd . Making your eyes shine with bright vibrant colours, they are the perfect accessory for any occasion. 

These non prescription coloured contact lenses can be worn for 90 days, being removed at night and stored in sterile, hydrating contact lens solution. At the checkout there is a option to purchase 100ml bottle of  the recommended contact lens solution along with a case for $11.95, which means you’ll be ready to wear them as soon as they are delivered.

There are 2 non prescription contact lenses included in each box. 

Colourvue Lumina Cosmetic Lenses

Colourvue Lumina Cosmetic Lenses



Product Code: VUE37

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