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Cosmetic Colour Contact Lenses

Such a little thing like changing the colour or highlighting your eyes can make such a difference. They can really bring your face to life, make your eyes pop, give you an instant refresh, compliment an outfit or simply suit your mood and this is why Air Optix Colors are so popular.

There are many coloured colour lenses on the market and you have to be careful to at least choose brands that have been approved by the Australian TGA so you know your are buying a safe product.

Air Optix Colors go beyond just being safe coloured lenses, they are made by Alcon an internationally renowned contact lens manufacturer who uses a highly breathable material that helps keep the eyes healthy during wear.

This makes Air Optix Colors a healthly option if you enjoy wearing coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes, on a regular daily basis.

Air Optix Colors - Cosmetic Lenses

Air Optix Colors - Cosmetic Lenses



Product Code: CV041

Air Optix Colors - 6 Cosmetic Lens Value Pack

Air Optix Colors - 6 Cosmetic Lens Value Pack



Product Code: CV047

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