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Air Optix Colors In Prescription


Air Optix Colors are a very popular choice with both Eyecare Professionals and their patients as these quality coloured contact lenses provide good stable vision, comfort and protect eye health for full time wear plus they come in 9 beautiful colours !


The Air Optix Colors offers a high level of oxygen flow through to the cornea during wear.  This is a very important aspect for contact lenses as the cornea needs to take it’s oxygen from the air in order to stay healthy and white.   The only difference with the Air Optix colors in comparison to the rest of the Air Optix Aqua range is the later can be worn for up to 6 consecutive days and nights however the colour lenses can only be worn on a daily wear basis for 30 days, being stored in contact lens solution every night.


If you currently wear clear Air Optix Aqua contact lenses for short or long sightedness you can choose to wear Air Optix Colors without having to see your optometrist for a new fitting as it’s exactly the same lens but with a choice of 9 colours !  



Air Optix Colors For Prescription

Air Optix Colors For Prescription



Product Code: CV040

Air Optix Colors - 6 Prescription Lens Value Pack

Air Optix Colors - 6 Prescription Lens Value Pack



Product Code: CV044


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