Children and Contact Lenses

Children and Contact Lenses

For children who have been wearing spectacles for much of their younger lives contact lens wear can have a very positive impact.

Studies have shown that  kids wearing contact lenses boosts self confidence and self esteem, improves social behaviours and provides an ability to participate in physical activities such as sports and dance, not to mention dramatically change their physical appearance.  For many parents who have gone through years of lost and broken glasses, contact lenses offer a sense of relief !  

However is your child ready to wear contact lenses ?

With contact lens wear comes the responsiblity of caring for the eyes as well as the contact lenses which means sticking to a routine and having good hygiene habits.

The child will need the maturity to listen and follow instructions from the optometrist.

The child will need to have the motivation and determination to take on the challenge of inserting and removing their own contact lenses.

To help answer these questions ask yourself how does your child perform in these areas at home;

 Do they have good grooming habits, take responsiblity for household chores and are they in a good routine with homework etc.

If your child goes ahead with contact lenses and then doesn't adapt it's easy go back to wearing glasses and try again at a later stage.  

If you have purchaed contact lenses for your child, it's not a waste of money as they often have a few yeasr expiry so there's plenty of time for your child to try contact lenses again in the future as long as they prescription powers remain the same.






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