Protect Your Peepers & Contact Lenses From Eye Makeup.

Protect Your Peepers & Contact Lenses From Eye Makeup.

The ancient Egyptians introduced eye makeup, highlighting their eyes with a mixture of crushed charcoal or soot and water.  Today thankfully eye makeup is a lot more technically advanced and cleaner, however it is a major contributing factor to eye infections, corneal scratches, irritation, redness and more commonly, discomfort associated with eye dryness.  In this blog we discuss a few do and don’ts to wearing makeup around the eyes.


If you have a full draw of makeup like me, now’s the time to go through it and throw away the items that are out of date.  Yes, makeup does have a use by date but manufacturers are not required to print expiry dates on their products.  However, once opened makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can potentially cause skin & eye irritations.  Here’s a list of makeup items with the periods that we can safely use them for, it might surprise you.


Mascara                                                       3 Months

Liquid Eye Liner                                           3 Months

Pencil Liner, Sharpened Regularly              2 Years

Cream Shadows & Blushes                        12 to 18 Months

Powers & Including Eye Shadows               24 Months


Makeup brushes, applicators, sponges and eye lash curlers also harbour bacteria and spread these nasties on to your face and around your eyes every time you use them.  These tools of the trade should be washed and cleaned regularly or in the case of sponges and applicators replaced.


Never share makeup or your kit as you risk cross infection and don’t wear makeup at all if you have an eye infection.


Try and apply makeup in circumstances where your hand is steady and stable, this may seem like an odd thing to say but how many of us apply our makeup on the run ?  One slip can mean that the eyeliner or mascara brush ends up in your eye. Makeup in the eye causes discomfort and tearing however a brush can cause more serious damage and possibly scratch the cornea.


False eye lashes, yes we all long for longer lashes however the glue associated with false lashes can  flow into the eye, potentially causing abrasions & bacterial infections . Long lashes also reduce the circulation of air around the eyes leaving them dry and dirty.


One of the biggest issues with makeup around the eyes is the clogging of the Meibomian Glands.   There are 25 to 40 glands in the upper eyelid and approximately 20 – 30 in the lower lid.  The Meibomian Glands are responsible for secreting oils into your natural tear film which stops the tear film from evaporating. A stable tear film ensures the eyes stay lubricated and the lids can open and close with ease.  A reduction in the supply of oils can make the eyes feel dry, scratchy, irritated and red. 


To protect the Meibomian Glands, never wear eye liner on the lid edge, always under the lashes at the bottom and above the lash line at the top.


Always remove your makeup while you sleep, ensuring it’s removed thoroughly. Professional lid care antiseptic wipes or solution is ideal.  Personally, I use Systane Lid Wipes or Ocusoft Lid Scrub.


If your feel your eyes are dry and irritated you can try warm compresses on your closed eyelids and  massage them gently. This procedure can help unclog the openings of the glands.  If this method offers no relief, make an appointment with your optometrist as a simple test can be preformed to establish if the stability of your tear film has been compromised and if so, effective treatment can be  recommended.


If you love wearing eye makeup and wear contact lenses there are a few tricks to protect your eyes and your lenses !


Always wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a lint free towel.  Insert your contact lenses first before you use any creams, lotions and potions.    


Choose oil free eye makeup, as during the day the oils from makeup can run into your eyes and on to your lenses, this can make contact lenses cloudy, affecting your vision and reducing your wearing schedule.


During the day makeup, especially mascara falls off the lashes and often in to the eyes, these tiny particles can become embedded in the contact lens material building up on fortnightly or monthly contact lenses, causing irritation.  Daily disposable lenses are the best choice if you like to wear a lot of makeup as you can enjoy a fresh clean pair of lenses every day. 


An alternative option to wearing lots of eye makeup is to wear one of the best eye cosmetics ever – coloured contact lenses.  Coloured lenses are available in prescription powers or if you don’t need to wear a prescription power you can buy coloured contact lenses just for cosmetic purposes.


There are plenty of coloured contact lenses to choose from you can change your eye colour, make your eyes look bigger, brighter, fresher, sparkle and shine.  You can buy coloured lenses online on our website just go to .  Who needs makeup  !

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