Re-branded Contact Lenses

Re-branded Contact Lenses

Want to buy your contact lenses online but you can’t find the brand on our website ? You may have been prescribed lenses that have been rebranded.

Many of the larger Optometry chains and associated groups of privately owned optometrists sell rebranded contact lenses in an effort to retain the sales within their businesses.

For the customer, this business strategy takes away the choice of where to buy contact lenses as the brands prescribed often can’t be found anywhere else.  The second down side for the customer, is price, as rebranded lenses are usually not competitively priced.

Many of the well known manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision and Alcon rebrand their contact lenses. In most cases we have these lenses on our website but under their original brand names.

To find the original name brand of your contact lenses you can either ;

Ask Google by entering the brand of lenses you have been given, or if you have it the name of the material, ie Stenfilcon A, you’ll find entries that give you a clue to the original brand name .

On our website, if you type the name of the brand into our search tool on the home page, the original brand name of the contact lenses will pop up.  Select the lenses online and when you are entering your prescription details, double check by making sure the base curve and the diameter matches the lenses you have been prescribed.

If all else fails and you can’t find the original brand or you are unsure please call us on 1300 750 970 so we can assist you.

Visitors to Australia can also have difficulties finding their overseas brands of contact lenses, if you are in this predicament, use the search tool on our homepage.  Simply enter the brand your are looking for and the name of the same lenses in Australia will pop up.

So, if you have been prescribed rebranded or private label lenses, you can still enjoy the benefits of buying your contact lenses online - cheaper prices and express delivery to your door.   Plus, there is the extra benefit of us managing your contact lens supply with our reordering system, so you never run out !

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