So You're Considering Contact Lenses..

So You're Considering Contact Lenses..

Considering Contact Lenses as an Option?

Step one is to make an appointment with your Optometrist letting them know what the appointment is for.

This consultation, dependant on your optometrist may incur a fee.  However your fees should be completely bulk

billed to Medicare if your contact lens prescription falls within these parameters ;

1.Your prescription powers are over  +5.00 or -5.00

2. Your Cyl / astigmatic power is over -3.00

3.There is a large difference of prescription powers between the right and left eye.

What to Expect During your Contact Lens Consultation/s 

The following are steps that your Optometrist or Contact Lens Specialist will perform for your contact lens fitting ;

1.     Check the health of your eyes and establish your clinical suitability for contact lens wear.

2.     Establish your contact lens prescription, which can often be different from your spectacle prescription.

3.     Discuss lifestyle factors and visual expectations to help determine which type of contact lenses will be the most suitable for you.

4.     The optometrist will insert contact lenses into your eyes so you can decide which feels the most comfortable and provides the best vision.

5.     You will be taught how to handle, insert, clean, store and remove your contact lenses.

6.     Follow up appointments are often scheduled to ensure your comfort, and to assess the health of your eyes following a trial period.

If all is successful and you are happy to go ahead you will be provided with a contact lens prescription which will detail the brand and type of contact lenses that your Optometrist feels is most suitable for you along with your contact lens prescription.

It is always important to have a copy of your contact lens prescription, especially if you travel as you can be refused supply without it. When you buy contact lenses online you will also need to refer to your copy of your contact lens prescription as details such as the prescription date and your optometrists name are required for our records.  It's very seldom we need to contact and optometrist on a customers behalf but if we do we will always ask your permission first.

We also recommend that you purchase at least your first supply of contact lenses from your optometrist, because if you have any issues, it's your Optometrist who would need to access the problem and maybe given you an alternative type of contact lenses.  When you have worn your contact lenses successfully for 3 months, only then should you consider buying contact lenses online. The reason for this is when you buy contacts online, once a box is opened you cannot return it, so it's in your interest to ensure that you are problem free prior to buy contact lenses online.

Can I Throw My Spectacles Away?


In a word - NO. All contact lens wearers should always have an up to date pair of spectacles on hand. There are a few reasons for this:

1.     The eyes should ideally be given 1 days break a week from contact lens wear or at least a break at the end of the day.

2.     Contact lens powers can sometimes be unavailable due Manufacturer stock issues and so you may need your spectacles during the delay period.

3.     If a visual condition occurs, your optometrist will recommend spectacle wear while this problem clears.

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