What Happened to Ciba Vision Branded Contact Lenses ?

What Happened to Ciba Vision Branded Contact Lenses ?

Ciba Vision is still a brand name that is often mentioned when talking about contact lenses, it is also a popular search term on the internet too with over 260 people per month still searching for their contact lenses with the Ciba Vision brand name, if you are one of the people you can find your contact lenses easily by using the search facility on our homepage.

Ciba Vision was the contact lens division of Alcon which was owed by Nestle.

Ciba Vision in 2009 was touted as the fastest growing contact lens company and included brands such as the monthly lenses Air Optix Aqua and Ciba Vision Night and Day, and daily lenses, Focus Dailies and Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus.

In 2011, Novartis, a Swiss multi-national company merged Ciba Vision with its existing eye care division and called it  “ Alcon, a Novartis Company.”

 Alcon's portfolio offers a spectrum of eye care products to cover the full life cycle of a patient from correcting refractive errors with the use of Ciba Vision's contact lens range, to eye care solutions, artificial tears and vitamins that support ocular health.  As the patient gets older, Alcon's surgical side of the business provides equipment, instruments and intraocular lenses that assist in the treatment of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and refractive errors.

Alcon is now one of the world’s global leaders, in innovation, design, manufacture and supply of eye care products and commits billions to eye care research and new product development.

In the world of contact lenses Alcon introduced the world’s first water gradient contact lens, which is a game changer for those contact lens wearers that suffer from dry eyes and only used to be able to wear their contact lenses, comfortably for a limited period in the day.

Alcon have extended the range of Dailies Total 1 to include not only minus powers but also plus powers too.  Dailies Total 1 is now available in a multifocal design and  the introduction of the toric Dailies Total 1 is in the pipeline.

Ciba Vision’s Air Optix was a very successful monthly lens and Alcon still certainly has this range in the portfolio but have also added Air Optix Colours to the range providing a contact lens that has all the health benefits of the Air Optix range but with colour.  To support this product Alcon introduced the Air Optix Colour Studio, an innovative app for mobile phones that allow customers to upload their photo and virtually try on the coloured lenses.

When Novartis eye care division merged with Ciba Vision the packaging of many of the contact lenses changed to feature the Alcon brand name.  When your contact lenses are delivered to you from us they will arrive in a white box with Alcon written on it in blue.

The Ciba Vision Brand name no longer exists.







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