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Crazy 3 Month Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Crazy 3 Month Cosmetic Contact Lenses
Product Code: VUE01
by Colourvue
  • Replacement: 3 months
  • Base Curve(s): 8.6
  • Diameter: 14
Wearability: Up to 3 months of daily wear, stored correctly inbetween use.

Product Description

The are over 100 cosmetic crazy lens designs and we have only featured 14 of the best sellers on our website. So if you are looking for a particular design please call us and we’ll send you some suitable options to choose from.

Crazy cosmetic contact lenses can be worn on as many days as you like you like within a 3 month period, from the time of opening the storage blister pack. These lenses are not designed to be slept in, they should be remove after daily wear and stored in a contact lens case with sterile contact lens solution. When removing the contact lenses from the case, empty the case of solution and leave it to air dry. On returning the lens to the storage case after use, cover the lens with fresh solution.

To avoid risks of eye infections, never use water to store or rinse your lenses, never share your lenses and please discard your crazy cosmetic contact lenses after 3 months as harmful bacteria can build up on the lens material.

Colourvue crazy contact lenses are TGA approved which means they meet Australia's strict standards for contact lenses.

The crazy contact lens featured in the picture is Hellblazer.

Our Price: $38.50

Your current contact lens prescription should be no older than 24 months.

Sub Total: $38.50

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