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Welcome to the World of Colour Contact Lenses

Coloured eye contact lenses can be such a lot of fun and there's so many eye colours to choose from, you can be bold or be subtle by changing your eye colour completely,  enhancing your natural colour, make your eyes look bigger, make them sparkle, shimmer or shine. And then there's Colourvue contact lenses with wild, crazy designs for costume parties or Halloween, so you can really stand out in the crowd!


When you buy your coloured eye contact lenses it's important that you choose the lenses in the correct category ; If you do not require coloured contact lenses with prescription powers and are only buying coloured eye contact lenses for cosmetic purposes choose the brand tiles in the Cosmetic Coloured Lenses section. The lenses in this section have no prescription powers.  With no prescription these lenses attract GST which is included in the prices, they are also not claimable on your health fund as they are not deemed as a medical device.


If you normally wear contact lenses with prescription powers choose the brand tiles in the Prescription Colour Lenses section. When you buy your coloured contact lenses with prescription  they are exempt from GST, as they are seen as a medical device, they are also claimable with Australian Health Funds. Our receipt from will feature all the details that your require to claim.


Unfortunately if you have an astigmatic or multifocal prescription, coloured eye contact lenses need to be custom made and purchased through your Optometrist. The company that makes these lenses is called Capricornia, they are based in Brisbane.


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