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MyDay Contact Lenses 30 Pack

MyDay Contact Lenses 30 Pack
Product Code: CP039
by Cooper Vision

  • Lenses Per Box: 30
  • Replacement: Daily
  • Base Curve(s): 8.4
  • Diameter: 14.2
  • Health Fund Code: 851
Wearability: A Fresh Lens Everyday

Product Description

MyDay Daily Disposable contact lenses by Coopervision are a silicon hydrogel lens that delivers on all fronts.

High oxygen transmissibility due to the "smart silicone" chemistry which shape the silicone within the lens into channels delivering optimal levels of oxygen to the cornea, therefore supporting eye health during contact lens wear.

Many contact lens wearers struggle with insertion and removal of their contact lenses as many contact lenses have such a high water content that they slip off the finger and lose their shape. However MyDay contact lenses hold enough water to ensure your comfort throughout the day, while still maintaining their shape making insertion and removal easy, this is a big plus for many contact lens wearers.

MyDay Contact Lenses also provide UV protection for the cornea, this represents an added layer of protection for your eyes but should not be a substitute for sunglasses.

Available in boxes of 30 or 90 lenses, the 90 pack being the most cost effective. If you would like to change your order to the box of 90 lenses you can easily do so at the checkout without having to enter all your prescription details again.

Our Price: $47.00
  • Base Curve(BC)
  • Diameter (DIA)
  • Power (Sph)
  • Quantity

To ensure fit, comfort and vision we recommend only purchasing contact lenses that you have an Optometrist prescription for.

Sub Total: $0.00

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