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Colourvue Cheerful Colour Lenses

Colourvue Cheerful Colour Lenses
Product Code: VUE24
by Colourvue

  • Replacement: 1 Month
  • Base Curve(s): 8.6
  • Diameter: 14.5
Wearability: Daily Wear For 30 Days

Product Description

Colourvue Cheerful colour contact lenses are designed to brighten and enhance your eyes.
They are effective on light, medium and dark eyes.

For an idea of how Colourvue Cheerful contact lenses may look on your eyes follow the link below, where you can select the eye colour which best matches your own and the 5 Cheerful colour lenses will change to show you what you can expect when you put them on your own eyes.

This version of Colourvue Cheerful colour lenses have no prescription powers, they are purely cosmetic lenses, which means that they attract GST, this has been included in the price.

Click here to see how your eyes will look

Our Price: $28.60

To ensure fit, comfort and vision we recommend only purchasing contact lenses that you have an Optometrist prescription for.

Sub Total: $28.60

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