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MyDay Toric 90 Contact Lenses

MyDay Toric 90 Contact Lenses
Product Code: CP054
by Cooper Vision

  • Lenses Per Box: 90 Lenses
  • Replacement: Daily
  • Base Curve(s): 8.6
  • Diameter: 14.5
  • Health Fund Code: 854
Wearability: A Fresh New Lens Every Day

Product Description

MyDay Toric lenses has the same toric design as the popular Biofinity toric monthly lenses, in the convenient wearing schedule of a daily disposable lens.

MyDay Toric features Cooper Visions Optimised Toric Lens Geometry technology that helps keep the orientation of the astigmatic prescription powers in their correct position, too much movement of the lens reduces the quality of vision.
To further enhance visual acuity and comfort, MyDay Toric lenses have a larger toric optical zone and smooth, continuous ballast which the eyelid can slip across easily without causing movement of the lens. Overall, MyDay Toric lenses provide the astigmatic wearer with exceptionally stable vision.

Using comfort, water content is maintained within the MyDay Toric lens so it remains soft and flexible providing long lasting comfort throughout the day and into the evening.

Our Price: $123.00
  • Base Curve(BC)
  • Diameter (DIA)
  • Power (Sph)
  • Power (Cyl)
  • Axis
  • Quantity

To ensure fit, comfort and vision we recommend only purchasing contact lenses that you have an Optometrist prescription for.

Sub Total: $0.00

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