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Freshlook Colorblends

Coloured Contact Lenses

Transform or subtley enhance your look with Freshlook Colorblends and their 3 in 1 technology that helps define the eye, transform the colour and adds brightening and depth.  There are 11 colours to choose from so it can be quite tricky deciding on the colour that will suit you.  To assist you with this choice we have included a link on each of our products page, that takes you to the Freshlook Color Studio. Here you can upload your own photo and interchange the different Freshlook Colorblends on to your own eyes.  You will find that hair colour, skin tone, you're own eye colour and the affect you want to create all play a part in choosing the right colour for you.


Freshlook Colorblends are available with prescription powers or purely as cosmetic coloured lenses.  Please note that lenses without prescription powers attract GST, hence the difference in price.

FreshLook Colorblends - Prescription Lenses

FreshLook Colorblends - Prescription Lenses



Product Code: CV021

Freshlook Colorblends Cosmetic Lenses

Freshlook Colorblends Cosmetic Lenses



Product Code: CV024

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